Get to know: Rashari Henry

rashari henry

WLU Students Union

“Our Story” extends to every member of our organization, and that includes the ones you might not see everyday. Rashari and Madilyn are two of our wonderful kitchen staff at Wilf’s, and their stories are our stories.

Scott: Tell us about yourselves.

Rashari: My name is Rashari Henry, I’m in my second year of economics, I play on the football team here, and I started working at Wilf’s right before I came in. I just wanted to have a job set up before I came to university.

Madilyn: My name is Madeline Bozinis, I’m in third year English, I work in the kitchen at Wilf’s and this is my second year working there.

Scott: What do you do there?

Rashari: At Wilf’s I work in the kitchen.

Madilyn: I’m a line cook, so pretty much anything.

Scott: What brought you to work at Wilf’s?

Rashari: I came to visit Laurier on a recruiting visit, and they brought us [to Wilf’s] to eat. They said there’s past football players who worked here who were really close with the manager, Jeyas. They treat us really well, and they do all our events. They said, if you want a job, this is the best place to do it. They’re very flexible and I thought, because I worked in a restaurant before that this was probably a good fit for me, especially coming right out of high school.

Madilyn: I had applied to work in the Terrace and other establishments on campus, and through that found I could work at Wilf’s. I never worked in a restaurant, but I liked the idea of working on campus, originally for convenience, obviously coming from class it’s super easy to show up to work. Then I realized that added bonus of meeting other Laurier students which is why I’m still there.

Scott: What made you stay here?

Rashari: I really liked how flexible they were. Being an athlete I have a lot of practice throughout the week and games, and they really work around my schedule. In the off-season I can work as many hours as I want, I just tell them, and they slot me in wherever around my workouts or anything like that. It was them treating me well and fair, and accommodating me. I really felt that the atmosphere at Wilf’s, being a university crew managed by past graduates, it’s a really good atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like other restaurants where they just care about their profit or the end. It’s a good atmosphere for students.

Madilyn: I stayed, very early on we do our summer training, and very early on I met a ton of Laurier kids who I probably wouldn’t have met from other years and other programs, so that’s definitely one of the main reasons I decided to stay at Wilf’s.

Scott: What’s your favourite thing about working there?

Rashari: I’d say meeting new people every year. We get really close because a lot of us work a lot. It’s kind of like being with your friends and working at the same time. It doesn’t really feel like work. That atmosphere is really nice, I really like that.

Madilyn: It’s a combination of a lot of things. Convenience of it being so close to campus. The fact that it’s people who understand the school, the fact that it’s run by the Students’ Union is very important. They don’t think about that when wanting to work at Wilf’s, but they’re so easy to talk to about exam schedules, but they’re very accommodating for things like that. If they know you have an early morning class, you won’t have to close the night before. They’re understanding about the fact that you’re a student.

Scott: What have you learned working at Wilf’s?

Rashari: I didn’t really do much of the actual cooking before at restaurants, so I’ve learned a lot about preparing different things. I’d say managing my time, being efficient. A lot of skills that when I go to interviews for other jobs I can say that I work well in stressful situations, I can work efficiently and fast, and I can work in a team to accomplish tasks. I really think it helps.

Madilyn: I think it’s helped me with school, not hindered, which I was worried about. I can schedule my school week around my work week, which I didn’t have to do in first year. I noticed in first year I pushed things aside as much as I could. I was very much a night before kind of person, but now I know if I work the night before a big essay or a big assignment, I actually plan to do it ahead at the beginning of the week, which I can pretty much just attest to working. Being busy has helped me stay on top of things.

Scott: What’s your favourite work perk?

Rashari: Definitely the discount. The discount comes in handy!

Madilyn: I think knowing the hidden gems in the menu is nice. The full-time people, if they order their dinner or their lunch at Wilf’s, they’ll make huge modifications to everything. There are a million ways to make a Seagram. We also have our staff parties, which are the best part.

Scott: What’s your go-to menu item?

Rashari: I like the burgers a lot. I think they’re made pretty well, and you get a lot for the amount of money you’re spending.

Madilyn: Probably a loaded fry, which is probably the most unhealthy thing on the menu, but I just love loaded fries.

Scott: What’s the best hidden secret on the menu?

Rashari: Some of the appetizers, like mac wedges and the mozzarella sticks. They’re definitely the best things.

Madilyn: I can’t resist our spin mac and cheese, but I always get crispy chicken on it. That’s my go to. Our new poutine menu that we have this year has been really popular.

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