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Week9_7Golden Hawk alumni & friends of the football program,

Happy New Year Laurier Football supporters! I trust that you all had an enjoyable Christmas and hopefully all got to spend some time away from your busy lives and relax with those close to you.

2016 is well under way and our players have started off this week working extremely hard in their strength and conditioning programs. We head right into this off-season with a very deep team of a little over 90 players. This includes all of our returning players, a few transfers and several walk-ons.

There is no tiptoeing into the New Year; our players are in the weight room four times a week, they have a team run/conditioning/yoga session and, on top of that, we will meet and practice once a week. This full schedule is great for our student-athletes and done on purpose. Eliminating too much free time from student-athletes ensures that they are always being productive and that their time management skills are always being tested.

This is officially called the off-season, but I always remind the players that this is the time of year when games are really decided. The work that we all put in now as a program determines what type of team we can be during the season.

Here’s what is happening:

Winter Practice #1
We are allowed 20 off-season practices and our first winter practice is this Friday from 3pm – 5pm at the RIM Park indoor bubble. Once again these practices are completely open for your viewing pleasure, so stop by if interested.

Recruiting continues to go very well for the 2016 season. Here is an up-to-date list of ten outstanding student athletes who have committed to us for this fall. Continue to check the wbesite and the 2016 recruiting class page for articles and highlight videos as we sign more recruits.

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Until next week,
Go Hawks Go!

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