Former Hawk describes 2018 OL recruit as “a standout young man”

DrewFergusonMy name is James Hitchen and I was fortunate enough to wear the purple and gold for four years as a player from 1997-2000 and as an assistant coach from 2003-2005. For the last eleven years, I have been teaching and coaching high school football at Bluevale Collegiate (BCI) in Waterloo. It is in this capacity that I was able to meet and coach Drew Ferguson.

I was lucky enough to coach Drew in both football and track throughout his time at Bluevale. In all of my interactions with Drew, he presented himself as a standout young man. In addition to being a trustworthy, kind and supportive teammate, Drew is the best offensive lineman that I have coached at BCI.

As a student, Drew had some struggles earlier in his high school career. What is impressive, however, is how he and the Ferguson family handled the situation. Drew was open, accepted the supports provided to him in school, and continued to work towards his goal of attending university and playing football.

The Fergusons are an impressive family. Both of Drew’s parents are Laurier Alumni, with his mom Jane, being a standout elementary school teacher in our region. His father Drew, a 1991 Vanier Cup champion, continues to help our community by coaching youth football. Lastly, his sister Emily (who is a current student at Laurier) just won the “Outstanding woman of Laurier” award.

In admitting Drew to your school, you are getting a generational athlete and future alum who comes from a wonderful family that have all contributed greatly to the Laurier community. Giving Drew a chance is a smart investment, not only for his future but for WLU as well.

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