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Golden Hawk alumni & friends of the football program,

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The 2019 season is finally here!!! Before we talk about that, there is something that is bigger than the game, something that millions and millions of people have seen GLOBALLY over the last week…

Laurier Football Video Goes Viral

Our relationship with the Light House (Adult day program supporting individuals in the Waterloo region with developmental disabilities) is now 4 years in the making, but this year has been drastically different. Like many other years, we invited this amazing group to a training camp practice, but this time the cameras were rolling, which was news to everyone. We did our usual drills: tug of war, running through bags and then the group joined us for training camp lunch in the dining hall, everything seemed like every other year.

Then suddenly 48 hours later young Alex Morrison and this program got the attention it deserves for this amazing relationship. It started with Instagram’s “House of Highlights” requesting to post the video of Alex juking LB Tommy Bringi and then over the next 12 hours: ESPN, Bleacher Report, Max Preps, TSN, SportsNet, CFL, Tim & Sid and many more media outlets were all sharing this amazing video.

Its safe to say that in one 12-hour period Alex Morrison, the Light House, Laurier Football and Wilfrid Laurier University were mentioned and viewed more than all videos, articles, pictures combined have been viewed in the history of this great institution.

Sports do this! They bring people together, they bring communities together and a video like this and this relationship is greater than any Yates or Vanier Cup win.

This Sunday, August 25th at 1pm we host the Western Mustangs at University stadium in week #1 of the OUA season. We are all extremely excited to finally have a game again and its nice to be in a position where 26 of the 27 football playing Universities in this country think Western will win. Our players BELIEVE!!

We believe because over the last week and a bit we have had an outstanding training camp. With the OUA shortening the days allowed to practice we only had 3 two-a-days, then a scrimmage against McMaster this past Sunday down in Hamilton and now a week to game prep for Western. In this time, we have come together as a group.

Take the time to checkout so many amazing photos from not only training camp practice, but also the practice with the McMaster Marauders here:

Jothan Salfarlie:

Rossy Pasternak:

Our 2019/20 Adopt-A-Hawk campaign has exploded thanks to many of you! We are already at 85% of our team goal of $40,000, with an impressive $34,256 and counting.

To adopt one of our players today simply follow this link:

If you would like to find a player from a specific hometown, in a specific major or one that plays your favourite position, just simply email and I can help you find the perfect match for you.

A big THANK YOU to our donors so far!

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More Laurier Football Headlines:

  • After the game on Sunday please make sure you make the walk over to Wilf’s for the 5th Quarter Club presented by Amsterdam Brewery. Mingle with coaches, players, parents, alumni and all Laurier Football fans! There will be your favorite Amsterdam beers on tap, lots of free appetizers and full restaurant service for families wanting to purchase meals.


  • Amazing Race Canada – Visits University Stadium


  •  “Score to Win” Pete Izzio program is back for 2019 season


  • Tickets on Sale:


Go Hawks Go!


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