Resources to Support #BlackLivesMatter Movement

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Over the past week or so, we’ve been listening to our players, alumni and community to try and find the right way to support our black athletes and community members. We know it’s not enough just to be proud of our locker room diversity, and we must do more to ensure that systemic racism does not continue. It is vital that we stand by those who are oppressed in society, and not allow these conditions and attitudes to persist.

As a program, we decided to do this in two ways:

  1. We asked our athletes and our alumni community to share their voices, which we will be broadcasting on our social media pages throughout the week.
  2. We collected a list of resources that we encourage you to support, which have been recommended (or in one case even started) by the Laurier Football players and community. You’ll find these resources a little further down in this article.

We encourage everyone to listen attentively to the stories and thoughts shared by members of our community, and support them in the fight against racism and inequality.

Ways You Can Help

Kitchener/Waterloo Region



  • Laurier University
    • The Association of Black Students (ABS)
  • Black Women Congress Waterloo

Additional Resources



  • Volunteer with black owned businesses:


  • They Call Me by Cecil Foster
  • The Skin We’re In by Desmond Cole
  • Dominoes at the Crossroads by Kaie Kellough

Additional Resources:

We encourage everyone to make their voice heard, and do what they can to make a difference.

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