Laurier Football Update – September 2020

Golden Hawk alumni & friends of the football program,

This newsletter is brought to you by our great friends and the best movers AMJ Campbell.

We trust that you and your families are all doing well and adjusting to the ever changing world around us. The fall semester is here and although all classes are online you can sense that there is still an energy around the Waterloo Region and our Wilfrid Laurier University campus.

For OUA football coaches, players, and fans we would already be into week 4 of the new season. Here at Laurier Football we have realized over the years that the busier you keep 18-24 year olds the more productive they are and the more they can achieve. This isn’t easy with the limitations presented by the global pandemic, but in the new virtual world we are still able to accomplish a lot. Our players have virtual football meetings; Team, Offence, Defence, and Special Teams. They also have academic tracking meetings and just this past week they have been able to signup for one hour long sessions in the Athletic Centre weight room.

2020 Recruiting Class

Really excited to say that we have added 31 new players to the team in this years recruiting class. We were able to meet all of our needs and found great student athletes in every single position. Although these first year players wont get to play their first university football season, they will be able to get a great head start academically, learn the playbook, transform their bodies in the weight room, and meet a lot of great people in and around the Laurier community.

To take a closer look at all 31 members of the recruiting class, along with a great article from the Athletic Department and an interview with 519 Sport Online please go here:

More Laurier Football Headlines:

·         Thank you Rossy Pasternak & Welcome Matt Carey

o   We want to take the time to thank Rossy Pasternak who over the last two years has done a terrific job managing our Laurier Football social media accounts. Thank you Rossy!

o   Kindly Matt Carey, who has helped assist Video Coordinator Kerry Martin for years, has moved into the role of Digital Media Coordinator. We are excited to welcome Matt!

·         Talks with Hawks

o   Staff Member Dave Morrissey continues to put together terrific articles in his Talk with Hawks features.

o   Episodes include: 1) Scott Hutter, 2) Chris Ackie, 3) Dave Montoya, 4) Rohan Thompson, 5) Chris Vlowianitis, 6) Kickers Roundtable, 7) Stacey Coray, 8) Tim Bisci, 9) Ese Mrabure-Ajufo, 10) Chris Reddy & Matt Fischer, 11) Bizarre Plays, 12) Hugh Lawson, 13) Superstitions, 14) Agro Brothers, 15) 2019 Season, 16) Anthony Maggiacomo

o    To see them all:

·         BLM Videos

o   As a program we have not been silent and we have had a chance to learn from and listen to many of our players. We are so impressed and very proud of their willingness to speak up.

o   Videos Include: 1) Coach Faulds, 2) DB Christian Hutter-Coppin, 3) DB Patrick James, 4) DL James Fleurissaint, 5) LB Jordan French, 6) LB Tommy Bringi, 7) OL Isaiah Adams, 8) QB Connor Carusello

o   To view them all:

·         Laurier Football “Chalk Talk Podcast”

o   Thank you to one of our players, Full Back Liam Spencer, who has put together a great biweekly podcastand graphic artist Defensive End Alfred Green.

o   To listen to any of the first 4 podcasts:

·         Pro Player Graphics

o   Pay attention to our social media accounts as current Defensive Lineman Alfred Green is doing some very impressive pro players graphics like this one of Kwaku Boateng.

·         Strength Coach Jesse Collins

o   Laurier Football Strength Coach Jesse Collins has put together some great videos with training tips. Check them out here:

That is all for now – until next time,

Please Stay Well & Go Hawks Go!


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