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Football players at Wilfrid Laurier University took a break from their regular training schedule to learn what it means to be a conscientious man and how to have healthy relationships with women on campus.

On Wednesday, the young men participated in an hour and a half session led by Stephen Soucie, program coordinator with Male Allies Against Sexual Violence, which is a program associated with the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Waterloo Region.


Golden Hawk alumni & friends of the football program,

It feels great to get a win on the road in week one of the OUA season. The first game is always tough because you are really unsure of what the other team is going to do without having any recent film on them. You have to simply play your game and make adjustments on the fly. The 38-21 victory over York is better than we have played them the last few years and although not pretty at times it counts just the same in the win column. We obviously have a lot we can improve on over the week as we get ready for a week #2 match-up at Guelph – Monday, September 7th at 1pm.


Offensive coordinator Mark Surya inspects the footwork of a Laurier receiver during training camp. Photo: Mathew McCarthy, Waterloo Region Record

Christine Rivet
Waterloo Region Record

WATERLOO — Mark Surya just might be the brightest young football coach you don’t know.

His colleagues at Wilfrid Laurier University are well acquainted with his genius, however.

And when Laurier’s head coach Michael Faulds decided to surrender his offensive co-ordinator’s portfolio this past off-season, it was really only a formality.